It is the tool that enables the user to abstract information regarding the person they are in search of or related business. It functions in the exact opposite way as a regular phone book, where you look for a number by name. Nonetheless, certain services, provide the ability to search for a person online and retrieve any phone number connected to their professional accounts, such as LinkedIn. Thus, before a sales call with a new business contact, you may quickly verify that you will be speaking with the correct individual.

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5 Best Phone Number Lookup Tools and Services Online

1. Datagma

A phone number lookup service that goes above and beyond is called Datagma.
In order to find the owner of a phone number, it searches the internet for information that is readily available to the general public.

Name, location, and maybe carrier information are included in this. Additionally, Datagma integrates with LinkedIn, allowing you to get contact information straight from the LinkedIn profiles you search for via a Chrome extension. Every time you submit a contact, it may retrieve phone numbers and verified email addresses.

2. Truecaller

Truecaller is a free phone lookup service that uses reverse phone lookup to identify spam associated with a phone number. It provides information like the caller’s name, location, and spam statistic.

The information is crowdsourced from the Truecaller community, based on interactions with other individuals. Small teams can benefit from this tool as it allows them to quickly dial a number and obtain necessary information before making a call.

3. Whitepages

Whitepages is a platform used for background checks and private search engines to locate business contacts and obtain contact details, including phone numbers and emails. It uses premium data partners and public records searches to deliver accurate information. This service is ideal for entrepreneurs to keep their consumer database current. Additionally, it allows for reverse phone lookups by searching for associated names among billions of phone records by entering desired phone numbers.

4. Intelius

To locate information related to a phone number, the Intelius phone lookup service does a reverse phone lookup.

Every search yields a report that may contain the owner’s name, known aliases, and further contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses. Even the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles linked to that number are available to you.

5. Experian

you can always be sure you’re calling the appropriate person by using the free phone validation tool provided by Experian. Especially created for companies, you won’t have to lose time on useful phone calls to unidentified callers.

All connected phone number information is provided via the reverse phone append function. In order to verify before adding a contact to your database, it also features an API that you can execute on your website.