Do’s And Don’ts About Your New Rolex Servicing

Watches make an important contribution to daily life. This most important time-telling equipment says a lot about your personality, style and status. But how will you maintain your watch or how will you know that it needs servicing from the Rolex Service Centre (ศูนย์ โร เล็ก ซ์; which is the term in Thai)? Let’s read the article till its end to know more about the do’s and don’ts of watch servicing and repairing.

How To Know If The Watch Needs Servicing

You can check the basic steps listed below to know if your watch needs servicing. Let’s check those points before:

·       Is It On Time

First, check if your watch is running well on time or not. If it’s working fine then it may not need servicing. If it’s not running properly, then you should get it serviced first from the watchmaker service centre.

·       Age Of The Watch

Sometimes, for the pre-owned watch, it’s generally difficult to know the manufacturing time of the watch. In case, the watch is more than four years old and it’s showing a bit different time, then you should get it serviced, otherwise, keep it as it is.

·       For Vintage Watches

Unlike other modern watches, vintage watches come with some extraordinary parts that are difficult to get when repairing. So, it’s recommended to get your watch serviced in 3-4 years even if it is running well.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Rolex Maintenance And Servicing

When it is the fact of maintenance and servicing, then you should keep these tips in mind.

  1. Use It Regularly: You should wear the watches regularly, particularly mechanical watches. Because they need movement to keep the watch lubricating and operational.
  2. Only Take It To Professional: You should take it to a professional only when it needs battery replacement or needs fixing up for any kind of mechanical issue.
  3. Do Maintain It Regularly: Once you take off the watch, make sure to clean it using a soft cotton cloth to avoid dust, sweat and other particles away from the watch.

The Don’ts Of Rolex Maintenance And Repairs

Apart from all the above-mentioned do’s, you should also remember those don’ts to keep your watch running for a longer repair

  1. Avoid DIY Repair: Rather than fixing it at home, leave it to any professional. Because it comes with a lot of delicate parts that can be indicated when repairing.
  2. Don’t Miss Any Unusual Signs: The watches are made of high precision. If you notice unusual ticking, missing seconds, or any funny sound, then take it to a professional.


These all are the do’s and don’ts about your watch maintenance and servicing. If you find the article helpful, follow everything specified here and maintain your Rolex like a pro.