What Are The Benefits Of Live Chat Automation

Nowadays, live chat automation or CF Manager helps individuals to interact with the business instantly via text messaging. If you want to know more about live chat automation and their benefits, then read the article:

What Is Live Chat Automation

Automation is generally applied to minimize human inputs in any company. If you want to know How to make live chat to automate ordering (เอฟของยังไงให้ระบบดูด, which is the term in Thai), then the article is for you. There are different kinds of automations in the industry such as Business Process Automation, IT Automation, home automation, etc.

The chat based automation is done using a chatbot or artificially powered live chat software machine used for engaging users with automated responses. The purpose of designing chatbot is to initiate communication on websites, apps and messengers.

Let’s know about the benefits of live chat automation

· It’s Customers Most Preferred Support Channel

In a recent study, it is seen that chat is the most preferred support channel to the customers. Whether it is designed to provide customer service or sales journey, it gives the customers real time interaction always:

  1. Because the customers choose online chat for their queries over talking with any strangers.
  2. They can easily interrupt any season and return back with the needed document.

· It Increases First Contract Resolution

There are some simple interactions that could be solved best on the phone. While a complex issue needs a call center agent to be solved,  a simple query can be solved with chatting also.

· Uninterrupted 24/7 Support

Another major benefit of live chat automation is that it always allows assistance for the users. In that case, customers can get real time assistance whenever they need it. It helps even when the agent is not online. So, the customer can get assistance whenever they need it.

· Boost Conversion

Research says that customers are likely to make purchases from a company that offers live chat support. Apart from that, the live chat support is almost equivalent to the store assistant. When making any online transactions, the customers prefer an immediate way to reach the brand. So, live chat automation fulfills all those requirements leading to happy customers and sellers too.


Live chat is considered as one of the most convenient and fastest ways to reach out to customers. It helps them to get engaged with the brand and also it makes the sellers always available to approach the customer. Hopefully, the article has helped you a lot about How to make live chat to automate ordering.Install a chat automation support in your site and reach to your customer whenever you need.