BBQs 2U – Revolutionize Your Grilling Experience with Konnected Joe

BBQs 2U is the premier destination for grilling enthusiasts. Whether you are a novice griller or a seasoned pitmaster, the retail store in Abersoch, UK, has everything you need to enhance your outdoor grilling skills.

The Kamado Joe—Konnected Joe is at the heart of a culinary revolution. It is a state-of-the-art grill that combines the traditional Kamado-style cooker with modern smart technology. This revolutionary grill offers a wide range of outstanding features.

Durable construction

Konnected Joe Kamado Joe is crafted from premium-quality ceramic material. Ceramic is fragile, but can last for decades with correct care and maintenance.

Store the KJ grill in a cool and dry place according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Cover it with a KJ grill cover. The electric components and workmanship carry a three-year guarantee.

Heat retention

In just 12 minutes, the grill preheated from 61°F reaches a steady 400°F. Its thick ceramic walls distribute heat and consistently maintain the temperature while burning coal efficiently.

Compared to other grill types, this grill can maintain a wide range of temperatures while using less coal.

Superior insulation ensures even heat distribution, eliminating any cold or hot spots. You can say goodbye to inconsistent cooking and enjoy perfectly grilled delicacies all the time.

Smart technology

Kamado Joe manufacturers integrated innovative digital technology. Konnected Joe is equipped with advanced sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can monitor and control your cooking remotely with a user-friendly KJ app.

Whether you are watching a football match indoors or enjoying a shopping trip, you can keep a close eye on your grill’s temperature on your smart phone.

You can set timers, and receive notifications when your food is ready to be relished. With this revolutionary grill, you can become a multitasker while still achieving culinary perfection.

Versatile cooking

The advanced KJ has a multi-level cooking system. You can easily adjust the height of the grates and create different heat zones for various cooking methods.

Whether searing steaks at high temperatures or slow-smoking ribs, this grill can help you achieve your every culinary desire.

It has a wide 250-square-inch cooking area, sufficient enough to grill a feast for your large family or host a large gathering.

 Easy cleanup

Cleanup after a delicious meal is the least favorite part for every grilling enthusiast, but with the digital KJ, it is a breeze. Thanks to its patented ash drawer system, removing ash is easy.

Simply slide the door out, dispose of the ashes, and you are ready for your next grilling adventure.

Say ta-ta to the hassle of traditional ash cleaning, and hello to convenience and efficiency.


At BBQs 2U, you will discover a lot of accessories and add-ons that can elevate your outdoor grilling adventure to new heights.

From cast iron grates and a rotisserie kit to heat deflectors and a grill expander system, the Konnected Joe Kamado Joe can be customized to suit your culinary goals.

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Swap recipes, share tips, and tricks – immerse in a world where the sizzle of perfectly seared steak satisfies your taste buds.