Tips to Choose the Best Universities in UAE

Tips to Choose the Best Universities in UAE

If your plans include going abroad and getting a degree from UAE then you are at the right place. Lots of students go abroad to do their master’s or higher studies. In countries like India, Pakistan, and most of the Asian countries it is a trend. Students work hard and appear for all the tests needed to get approval from universities abroad. Many fail but some pass. If you have decided the country to be UAE then you are already on the second step to study abroad. UAE is one of the best-developed countries with a great education system. There are over 60 international universities in uae wherein you can get admission. But with so many choices, students get confused.

Deciding which is the best university can be tough. Either you can call all the universities one by one and get information. Or you can be smart and look for the cues. It is going to be tough and confusing to make the final call. But do not be afraid. In this article, you will read some that will help you in deciding which university is most suitable for you.

Talk to each institute

This sounds absurd but it is true. You can contact each university separately and do your own research. Moreover, you can connect with any former alumni and talk about the university and what are your demands. It will make the process very straightforward and simple. Most students do not do it and some of them repent later on their choices.

Make a proper list of countries and institutes

Another essential tip is to make a list of all the countries and institutes where you wish to go. It is not possible to keep all the countries and universities in your mind. What if you forget the name of a university that was in your top 3 choices? You can visit some university fairs to know more about universities in the UAE and then compile your list.

Choose your area of study

The next important tip is to decide on your field. Be it management, science or history, or anything else. Make sure you clearly know what area of study you wish to pursue. Based on your field of study, look for universities that provide it. Some of the best colleges in the world offer great courses if students are interested.

Check visa and immigration formalities

After you have decided on your area of study, look for all the travelling formalities. There are lots of legal consequences if you do not fulfil visa and immigration formalities. Check the documents required. There are many entrance tests like ielts exam uae, students have to clear this exam before being eligible to study abroad.

Do plan according to your budget

Not everyone’s parents can afford to send their child abroad to study. If you are doing it on your own or by taking help from your parents, it is important to stay within the budget. The expenses include the hostel, food, fee, and other petty expenses.


It is not wrong to go to a different country to study. Lots of students do it. The difficult part is making the choice. First about the country and then about the institute you want. If you are spending such a huge amount on your education and accommodation, you better make the right choice. Following the tips mentioned above will reduce your stress. Moreover, if you are successful then you will come out a graduate from a well-developed country with lots of career paths.